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200HR and 50HR Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Trainings in Bali

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Some nice words from our previous students and YTT graduates.

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With The Peaceful Warriors you get to practice and study with a passionate and dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable Yogis and Experts.

Some nice words from some of our teacher training graduates

Claire Falconer
Australian living in Dubai
200HR Yoga Teacher Training
August 2019

"...most incredible group of students"

To put the last month into words is impossible, to put into feelings is impossible and to put into emotions is even more impossible.

When I signed up for my yoga teaching course I genuinely didn’t expect so learn so much about myself, I didn’t expect to open my heart and open my mind as much and sure as hell didn’t expect to open my tear ducts as much.

I think I’m still trying to process, or even being to process the learnings and new ways of thinking. So from here, the learnings & new practices have only began. From here, I’m nervous for a new future and from here all I can say is fuk yes.

Thank you  @thepeacefulwarriorsyoga for this journey. Thank you to the most incredible group of students I got to share this with, and thank you to all my incredible teachers legit you’ve changed my life. 😭 Analu, Sean, Jono, Maria, Bente, Magdalena & Rachel Fearnley.

From Instragram @clairefalconer__

Claire Falconer

Ryan Lyons
Unites States
200HR Yoga Teacher Training
August 2019

"...thank you for sharing this journey with me"

It’s official, completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with  @thepeacefulwarriorsyoga. Without sounding cliché, this journey was life changing. When we think of yoga we often only think of the physical practice, poses, turning oneself into a pretzel! It’s the western way of thinking, and we forget about the connection to the mind and soul. We forget that yoga is also about the breath, meditation, energy systems and the power of what this connection can bring to our lives. I am full of gratitude! I have found a deeper purpose from this journey and I look forward to what lies ahead to help others live a more healthy, and meaningful life.

To all my teachers Bente, Maria, Sean, Rachel, Analu, Magdalena thank you for inspiring me, I have a light inside that is shining brighter then ever! And to my fellow classmates, thank you for sharing this journey with me, for being vulnerable, and for being courageous! I do not believe we came together by chance, but more so to each learn and grow from one another.

From Instragram @ryflips

Ryan Lyons

Melanie Rücker-Gehrig
200HR Yoga Teacher Training
August 2019

" words to describe this month"

Be a lamp, a lifeboat, a ladder. Help someone‘s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd. - Rumi
One week ago, I passed my final exam and became a hatha-vinyasa yoga teacher  @thepeacefulwarriorsyoga in Canggu Bali.
There are no words to describe this month with these amazing loving kind joyful people that will always have a place in my heart and a bed in my home.
It truly was a journey to the depth of my soul. Surrounded by the magic of Bali.
Creating a space where we felt safe to laugh, to cry, to sweat, to grow, to learn, to teach, to love, to share, to connect, to move, to trust, to overcome, to reach out, to dream, to let go, to express, to shine, to BE...
I am grateful beyond words for everyone and every step of this path.

From Instragram @melliswelten

Melanie Rücker-Gehrig

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