One question we often get asked is, what is next after completing the 200HR Yoga Teacher Training? The opportunities are endless. The training may lead you to kickstart a new yoga teaching career or leave you exploring and deepening your practice. Regardless of the path you follow, it's undeniable that the insights you discover often give rise to new connections, opportunities and beginnings that are unique to each individual.

We invited 3 of our Peaceful Warrior graduates to share what they’ve been up to since graduating from their 200-hour yoga teacher training with The Peaceful Warriors.

Nadia de Jong

founder of the online program Yoga Habit

Health and wellness has always been a passion for Nadia. After completing her master's degree in Health Psychology, Nadia joined The Peaceful Warriors’ 200-hour yoga teacher training to deepen her own practice and explore the world of yoga. Right after graduation, Nadia realized that keeping up with the daily yoga practice was not as easy without the right tools, structure and support. This inspired her to embark on her next project, combining her two passions: behavioural psychology and yoga. Now, Nadia is the creator of Yoga Habit, which is a program that provides practical tools and science-backed methods to help people maintain a lifelong yoga practice. Aside from that, you can also find her on the fields enjoying a game of ultimate frisbee or helping out on The Peaceful Warriors’ upcoming trainings!

Lindsey Snauwaert

yoga teacher

Linds first heard of The Peaceful Warriors during the pandemic while searching for a yoga teacher training program. Having been to Bali (and falling in love with the island) a couple of years back, the hybrid program was a perfect fit. While it can be completed 100% online, it also allowed her the opportunity to visit Bali and attend the in-person training when travel opened up again. After completing the online training and becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2020, Linds started her own yoga school, FLOW, offering both group and private classes either online or in her studio. Since then, she has continued to grow as a yoga teacher, completing her pre and post-natal as well as meditation teacher training with The Peaceful Warriors. With borders open again, Linds jumped on a plane and is currently in Canggu to experience the in-person training! Follow her journey @flowlinds.


founder of Mindful Startup School

Malte graduated from The Peaceful Warriors 200-hour yoga teacher training back in 2019 and completed the meditation teacher training in 2021. With over 20 years of experience in martial arts, yoga and meditation, he was always fascinated by the mind-body connection. It was during his PhD in Innovation and Entrepreneurship that Malte combined his passions to create the Mindful Startup School which aims to equip aspiring founders and start-up teams with the skills and mindset to build a business and innovate in a mindful and sustainable way. Malte now works with aspiring founders to develop their business models and strategies. He is also a Faculty Innovation Fellow at Stanford University’s and continues to explore the power of the mind and body through his practice. Learn how to innovate mindfully, create a sustainable future from the present moment with mindfulness, compassion, and your whole self in Malte’s book, Mindful Startup School. Follow his adventures @maltes.journey.